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Royal & Select Masters

Comp David Clarke, the latest recruit into Wretham Council, became the representative of Royal & Select Masters on the Provincial ZipWire challenge for the Warwickshire 2023 Festival.
David, who only joined Wretham Council in January, braved the snowy weather on the Llanberis Pass, with 15 other members of the combined Craft, Royal Arch and Mark Executive and other representatives enduring the Velocity2 Zipwire event.
David is pictured below with the Mark group – Howard Smith, Philip Wills and Andrew Armbrister, although only Phil was representing Mark – Howard and Andrew have a ‘foot in both camps!’
The Zipwire sponsorship has raised over £13,000 for the 2023 Festival – a quite remarkable amount. See note at the end if you would like to donate.
All those who took part said they enjoyed the experience, and most said they would do it again – in warmer weather.

Well done David and many thanks for representing Royal & Select Masters.

Before the event with some Dutch courage,

And finally after the event,

One of the groups in full flight, from a spectators point of view,

If you would like to see the Provincial Grand Master’s video of the occasion click here

If you would like to support the 2023 Warwickshire Festival via the Zipwire JustGiving page click here