Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

Grafton Council of Anointed Kings No. 16 shrugged off concerns about the railway strikes taking place the day before and after their February meeting at Mark Masons Hall, with a splendid turnout for the various schedules taking place.

It was, as always, a busy day for this very special Royal and Select Masters’ Council, with ceremonies conferring the Excellent Master and Silver Trowel degrees, as well as the Installation of a new Master.

The highly prized Excellent Master degree may only be conferred by Grafton Council and always includes participation by senior members of the Order, who also invariably take part in the Silver Trowel (Installed Master) degree separately as part of the day’s schedule.

Warwickshire was particularly well represented, with two candidates for the Excellent Master degree Ill Comps Neil Watkin and Richard Ainsworth. District Grand Master Peter Wellings was one of the presentation team members for the ceremony and all were cheered on by past District Grand PCW Geoff Lates, who had received his preferment as an Excellent Master the previous November, and Deputy District Grand Master Paul Harrison.

Numbers at the splendid festive board following the busy schedule were slightly down due to concerns by some about getting home safely, but thankfully there have been no reports of anyone become stranded due to the rail strikes!

Pictured are Paul Harrison, Richard Ainsworth, Trevor Sharpe (DistGM Kent), Vincent Driver (DistGM London), Kessick Jones (Grand Master), Peter Wellings, Ian Alexander (Deputy Grand Master) and Geoff Lates.