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Royal & Select Masters

Following the article summarising our annual meeting on 4th November, Chris Denley, District Grand Recorder, has received numerous responses from our visitors from other Districts. Congratulations throughout responses are congratulations to Peter Stokes on his appointment as District PCW, and to the new DCs team, so well done to David Ursell.

From the District of Sussex:

Please can you convey my grateful thanks, R Ill Companion Bernard F Marchant DGM, and Ill. Companion Mark Hoare P.A.G.D.C. District P.C.W. to R Ill Companion Peter James Wellings, and the Companions of the District of Warwickshire, for the generous welcome and kindness that i received at your meeting on Saturday 4th November 2023. It was lovely to be in your company, and to see so many friends. The day went extremely well, and the festive board was excellent. All are to be congratulated, especially yourself and your Administrative Team, in the excellent manner that the meeting had been so meticulously arranged. It is always an enjoyable experience to visit Rugby, and i look forward to meeting up with you at another District meeting.

From the District of East Midlands:

May I record the thanks of the delegation from East Midlands for the warmth of the welcome and kind hospitality extended to us at the Annual Meeting. We thoroughly enjoyed being with you. Will you please convey our the grateful appreciation to R. Ill. Comp. Peter and his executive and our very best wishes to you all for the year ahead.

From the District of Somerset & Wiltshire:

I am writing on behalf of my District Grand Master R. Ill. Comp. Keith R S Surry. He would like to convey his heartfelt thanks for the warmth and generosity of the welcome he received at your District Meeting on the 4th of November 2023. Can you please pass on his very best wishes to your District Grand Master and to all the Companions of the District of Warwickshire.

From the District of Kent:

I convey my sincerest thanks for the hospitality and welcome I received at the District Meeting yesterday. The proceedings and Festive Board proceeded with humour, and yet with the requisite amount of decorum considering the presence of the Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, R.Ill.Comp. Paul Norman. Many congratulations on the excellent arrangements and work that is required behind the scenes. I send the District Grand Master and all the District officers appointed, re-appointed or promoted yesterday best wishes for a happy and successful year ahead. I look forward to your companionship again soon.

From the District of Surrey:

Following Yesterday’s meeting I send thanks on behalf of the Surrey Team, Dist. Recorder Ill. Comp. Terry Carpenter, P.A.G.D.C. and myself, to you and through you to your District Grand Master, R Ill. Comp. Peter Wellings, and all the members of the District Grand Council of Warwickshire for the very warm and fraternal Cryptic welcome we received. Personally it was touch and go, as the day before I was suffering a gout attack and was not sure I could attend. I had arranged to contact my chauffeur early in the morning to say if I could go or not. Lucky for me the effects had abated and I was fortunate that Terry was able to collect me. I was especially appreciative, therefore, of the great efforts by your Companions to provide such an excellent meeting. All went very well and I am sure the Grand PCW was suitably impressed. It was a delight to see Ill. Comp. Peter Stokes installed as the District’s PCW we congratulate him, we have witnessed his hard work over recent years. In a similar letter last year, Terry and I appreciated being treated to our first Christmas dinner of the year, we were pleased that you continued the tradition. The Festive Board and speeches all reflected the positive attitude of the District Grand Master who continues to lead his District into, what I am sure will be, a brighter future. Now you can now relax for a while, until next year.

From the District of Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire:

On behalf of myself and R.Ill.Comp. Phillip Purves, my Deputy, I write to thank the Cryptic Companions of Warwickshire for the kind hospitality we received at your District Meeting earlier in the month. It was a most enjoyable occasion and it was a delight to see so many Companions in attendance. Congratulations to Ill.Comp. Peter Stokes on being obligated and invested as District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work. R.Ill.Comp. Peter presided with great skill and aplomb and it was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the Companions. We thoroughly enjoyed the District Meeting and the excellent lunch which followed. We were made very welcome and much enjoyed our visit to the District of Warwickshire. We wish you, R.Ill.Comp. Peter, and your District another happy and successful year.

From the District of Wyvern:

I write on behalf of the delegation from Wyvern to say thank you to the District Grand Master, his Officers and members of the District, for the warm welcome we received, and the generous hospitality that was extended to us all on Saturday. It was a pleasure to be present to witness such a happy meeting, and the lunch afterwards was excellent. Notwithstanding the ‘changing of the guard’ on the DC team,  there was no obvious difference to the past standard of ceremonial – a credit to the new team, aided, I am sure, by  the usual expertise of the secretariat team. You are all to be congratulated. It is great that we don’t have to wait a whole year to see our Warwickshire Companions again as we all meet regularly in our several masonic units. However, we do look forward to next year when we can again share in your special day

From the District of Essex:

Thank you very much for a most enjoyable meeting of Warwickshire District Grand Council on Saturday, and for the excellent lunch afterwards, especially the Prawn Cocktail and Smoked Salmon. It was a pleasure to be present and I offer you my congratulations on the way that you organised the day. It was a great success for which you deserve much credit, and the warmth and friendliness of your District Grand Master, R.Ill. Comp Peter Wellings just added to the enjoyment. Many thanks also for organising a chair for me in the temple. I did appreciate it and it made me, and I hope those in close proximity, more comfortable. All in all, it was an excellent day and I hope to be able to repeat the experience again next year.

From the District of Derbyshire:

Please pass on out thanks to your District Grand Master on behalf of Ill Comp John Pope, District PCW and myself from Derbyshire for the invitation to attend your District Meeting yesterday. It was a most enjoyable meeting and congratulations to the members of your District who were concerned with the organisation of the meeting.  It was a very well run and efficient meeting and a credit to your District. It was a pleasure to see your District Grand Master in good form and I hope he was also suitably impressed with his visitors. We also congratulate Ill Comp Peter Stokes on his promotion to District PCW.  Thanks also to the catering staff for the excellent meal and service.