Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

In a skilful example of delegation, the Thrice Illustrious Master, Ill Comp Peter Clarke invited Past T.I.M. Ill Comp Paul Mason back to the chair to conduct the Royal Master ceremony, during which Ill Comp Philip Wills, Principal Conductor of the Work provided a splendid portrayal of the perambulations around the Ark of the Covenant.  Comp Malcolm Noy was the candidate for the ceremony, having been chosen as a Select Master at the previous meeting.

Ill Comp Peter then invited the Past DGM, R Ill Comp David Rawlins to take the chair for the Super Excellent Ceremony in another splendid example of how the ceremony is to be undertaken.  Candidates for this ceremony were Comp Tony Newby and Comp Malcolm Noy. District Grand Master, R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, commented on the very successful and well executed ceremonies and congratulated all concerned.

The Council was well supported by members of the District team.  At the December meeting of the Council, ceremonies of Super Excellent Master and Most Excellent Master are to be enacted.

Pictured above are:

Comp Malcolm Noy, Comp Tony Newby, Ill Comps, John Hayward, D.M., Peter Clarke, T.I.M, Philip Wills, P.C.W., R Ill Comp David Rawlins and Ill Comp Paul Mason.