Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

The May meeting of Edgbaston Council saw a new member chosen as a Select Master, and the Installation of our new Thrice Illustrious Master, both ceremonies being impeccably undertaken by the retiring TIM, Ill Comp Paul Mason, after a highly successful year in the chair. In his year, Ill Comp Paul has enjoyed a very full year – three Select ceremonies, two Royal ceremonies, and one each of Most Excellent and Super Excellent Master ceremonies. That is a lot of ceremonies in one year, and Paul and his Officers have put in a great deal of work to ensure that everything was performed to a very high standard.
Comp Malcolm Noy was the Candidate for Select Master at this meeting, being well known at the Yenton Rooms, and a valued Visiting officer in the Craft, and also the current MEZ of Yenton Chapter. E Comp Hosey Davoudian, being a frequent visitor to Edgbaston Council, presented the History portion of the degree. Following the Select ceremony, Ill Comp Paul Mason installed Ill Comp Peter Clarke as the new TIM, following which Peter invested his new team, with Ill Comp John Hayward as Deputy Master, and Ill Comp Philip Wills as PCW.
Ill Comp Paul Harrison, Deputy District Grand Master, acted as Deputy Master during the Installation, and Ill Comp Chris Rogers, District Principal Conductor of the Work, was subsequently appointed as Director of Ceremonies for the Council. Ill Comp David Ursell was a great help throughout the meeting, acting as Director of Ceremonies, and continued that role at the Festive Board. The assistance of Ill Comp Paul Fernandez-Montes as Captain of the Guard throughout the meeting was greatly appreciated, as was the general support from the District.

At lunch following the meeting, our District Grand Master, R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, commented on the very successful and well executed ceremonies and congratulated all concerned. The DGM also gave details of the changes enacted at the Grand Council meeting in April, and gave an update on the 150 year celebration meeting to be held in October. The DGM congratulated all those who had received Grand Rank appointments and promotions effective from 18th April. The recipients will be formally invested at the October celebratory meeting.
Overall, a very pleasant way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Pictured accompanying the District Grand Master are Comp Malcolm Noy, Ill Comps Paul Mason, John Hayward, D.M., Peter Clarke, T.I.M., Ill Comp Philip Wills, P.C.W.