Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

At their April Installation meeting Warwickshire Council 148 had a full schedule to follow, with not only the Installation ceremony but also conferral of the Most Excellent Master and Super Excellent Master degrees.

Comp Christopher Wanley was Received and Acknowledged in Wretham Council 188 back in 2019, well before any thoughts about lockdown or the effects of Covid were even contemplated. His progress having subsequently been delayed by those issues, discussions behind the scenes saw the opportunity to expedite his progress (which would otherwise have been further delayed due to all the catching up Wretham Council had to do) with the help of Warwickshire Council.

Having also having had to wait in the wings, Comp Fred Hughes was Installed as Thrice Illustrious Master, looking forward to his term in office.

Star of the day was IPM Ill Comp Hosey Davoudian, who not only conducted the MEM and SEM ceremonies, but also installed the new TIM on behalf of Ill Comp Peter Britton. Peter, who had celebrated his 92nd birthday earlier in the week, opened and closed the Council in his excellent inimitable style, and stated how wonderful our Order was in supporting its members. He so wished he had joined many years earlier.

A splendid lunch followed the meeting, at which the District Grand Master congratulated the recipients of Grand Rank preferment, looking forward to a memorable day at the forthcoming investiture meeting. He also gave details of the newly established Ambassador programme, giving every Mark Lodge the opportunity of promoting our Order.