Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

It is a long standing and very enjoyable tradition for Victoria Council 206 to dine Al Fresco after the formalities of their July Installation meeting at Victoria House in Leamington Spa (weather, of course, permitting) with visitors from other Councils always very welcome to attend.

This year’s installation ceremony went very smoothly, with outgoing TIM Paul Fernandez-Montes installing his successor Ill Comp Graham Venn in a very proficient manner. This was in the presence of the District Grand Master R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, the Deputy DGM Ill Comp Paul Harrison, the District Grand PCW Ill Comp Chris Rogers and several other members of the District team, who as always were pleased to assist where required, with Ill Comp Peter Stokes, DistGDC as Captain of the Guard, Ill Comp David Ursell, DistGSwdB as Chaplain and Ill Comp Terry Prain, DistAsstGDC as DC.

Following his Installation TIM Graham appointed his officers for the ensuing year, investing those present, with Ill Comp Trevor Sturt as Deputy Master, Ill Comp Steve Hollis as PCW, Ill Comp Paul Regan as Treasurer, Ill Comp Paul Fernandez-Montes as Recorder and newly re-joined member Comp Rob Wootton as Conductor of the Council. He also gave a very positive message as regards moving onwards and upwards following the difficulties caused by covid and other influences in recent years, which was acclaimed by the District Grand Master.

Although the after proceedings were deliberately very informal, abbreviated formalities including short toasts took place before the bbq feast was served.

And the weather? Well, starting off ok outdoors but retreating to drier accommodation indoors as the situation determined!

Pictured: (front) David Ursell, Trevor Sturt, Graham Venn, Steve Hollis; (rear) Terry Prain, Rob Wootton, Peter Stokes, Paul Fernandez-Montes, Paul Regan