Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

On a sunny day towards the end of May, a very well attended meeting of Vesey Council saw Ill Comp David Whitehead install the universally known and everyone’s favourite school teacher, Ill Comp Nicholas Malden as Thrice Illustrious Master. I refer, of course, to E Comp NTM, known by that acronym across at least four Districts, primarily for his command of the ceremonies, and for the somewhat dramatic way in which he presents the ritual in every ceremony and Order.
The Installation (actually an Induction as NTM has been in the chair of several Councils) was a joy to watch and observe how it should be done. Ill Comp David Whitehead conducted the ceremony meticulously, to ensure that NTM and all present enjoyed the evening. Time even permitted everyone present to personally congratulate NTM on his Installation night. The District Grand master, R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, congratulated NTM and wished good health to enjoy his year as Master of the Council.
NTM’s carefully chosen team of Officers included the ideal blend of experience and relatively new members, and is well suited to the year to come. Ill Comp David Evans was appointed as Deputy Master with Ill Comp Bob Ballard taking the chair of Principal Conductor of the Work. Ill Comp David Whitehead went straight from Installing Master to Recorder of the Council, whilst the ever present R Ill Comp David Rawlins retained the Offices of Chaplain and Almoner.
To complete a splendid meeting, a Candidate was proposed, which will ensure that NTM and his team have work to do for the remainder of the Year.
At the very pleasant festive board, The District Grand Master was pleased to announce that on the forthcoming retirement of Ill Comp Chris Rogers as District Principal Conductor of the Work, Ill Comp Peter Stokes, currently District Grand Director of Ceremonies, will be invested in that post. Ill Comp Peter is well known throughout the District and beyond, and the announcement was met with loud acclaim.

Pictured above are:
David Evans, DGM Peter Wellings, Nick Malden (NTM), David Whitehead and Bob Ballard