Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

Pictured above is our DGM, R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, accompanied by Ill Comp Paul Harrison, Deputy DGM, Acting Deputy Master, Comp John Maiden, with Ill Comp Hosey Davoudian, Acting T.I.M., Ill Comp Reg Willsher, P.C.W., and Ill Comp Peter Stokes, District Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Warwickshire Council, based at the Knowle Masonic Centre, at their first meeting of 2022, performed amazing Most Excellent & Super Excellent Ceremonies with a little help and support from the District.  Comp John Maiden, a member of Wretham Council, where he was received into the Order in 2019, experienced a superb execution of the two ceremonies, led expertly by Ill Comp Hosey Davoudian as Acting T.I.M.  Standing in for Ill Comp Peter Britton, who was isolating prior to a heart operation, Ill Comp Hosey undertook both ceremonies almost single handedly, and received the congratulations of R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, District Grand Master and all present.   Ill Comp Paul Harrison, Deputy District Grand Master, acting as Deputy Master throughout the meeting was thanked for his assistance, as were other assisting visitors. The unfurling of the banners at the appropriate time in the Super Excellent Degree, was superbly managed by Ill Comp Peter Stokes, the District Grand Director of Ceremonies, who acted as Director of Ceremonies throughout.  Although a number of the members from Warwickshire Council were unable to attend, the ceremonies were smoothly executed, and Companion John greatly enjoyed both ceremonies, and received congratulations from the District Grand Master.

Following the ceremony, the District Grand Master presented ‘Silver Trowel’ certificates to three Companions – Ill Comps David Ursell, Terry Prain and John Hayward, marking the conferring of this degree to Illustrious Companions having passed through the Master’s chair by several years.  The ceremony marks the transition of the ailing King David to his son Solomon, who is instructed in moral wisdom and governance.  

Please note that face coverings were worn throughout the meeting, except for the photograph.