Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

The October meeting of Wretham Council 188, had a great deal of work on the Agenda. To quote the words of Thrice Illustrative Master, Ill Comp John Handley – “From a chaotic start, we had a great meeting!” After filling various vacant offices, John invited R Ill Comp David Rawlins, Past District Grand Mater to act as Thrice Illustrious Master for the Most Excellent Master Ceremony. Two candidates, Comp Mick Towns and Comp Keith Watkins enjoyed the ceremony as did all present. Immediately afterwards, the Thrice Illustrious Master invited Ill Comp Hosey Davoudian to take the chair for the ceremony of Super Excellent Master, which Hosey conducted in his own inimitable style. This included the ceremonial display of the ensigns of the twelve tribes of Israel.
If this were not enough, Ill Comp John Handley was then proclaimed as Thrice Illustrious Master for a second term, and went on to appoint his new team of Officers, including Comp Kevin Spencer as Deputy Master, and Ill Comp Professor Robert Ashford as Principal Conductor of the Work.
In finally conducting the remainder of the business, Ill Comp John Handley thanked all those who had helped during the evening, particularly R Ill Comp David Rawlins, Ill Comp Hosey Davoudian, and Ill Comp David Ursell and other District Officers who had acted in various roles during the evening.
R Ill Comp Peter Wellings, District Grand Master, present throughout the evening, congratulated all who had taken part, particularly the two candidates and the Thrice Illustrious Master, and thanked him for continuing in office. Peter was pleased to be accompanied by Ill Comp Paul Harrison, Deputy District Grand Master, Ill Comp Chris Rogers, Principal Conductor of the Work, and several acting District Officers.

Pictured are: David Rawlins, Keith Watkins, Kevin Spencer, John Handley, Robert Ashford, Peter Wellings, Mick Towns and Hosey Davoudian.

The meeting was pleased to congratulate Comp Kevin Spencer on his forthcoming appointment as Provincial Grand Master for Staffordshire & Shropshire Mark Master Masons.