Royal & Select Masters, District Grand Council of Warwickshire

District Grand Council of Warwickshire

Royal & Select Masters

The last Vesey Council meeting of 2023 took place on 30th August, when Thrice Illustrious Master NTM organised and delegated a very enjoyable meeting with Royal Master and Most Excellent Master ceremonies and the elections for 2024.  Comp Neil Harrison was expertly honoured as a Royal Master with Ill Comp James Freakley acting as T.I.M., followed by the Most Excellent Master ceremony with R Ill Comp David Rawlins taking the chair as Right Worshipful Master. Ill Comp Bob Ballard, Principal Conductor of the Work, was congratulated and received a round of applause for his oration in the Royal Master ceremony.

Presiding on behalf of the District Grand Master, Ill Comp Chris Rogers, District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, congratulated all involved in the ceremonies, and wished the Council well for the future.  He also thanked the visiting District Officers for their support on what was almost certainly his final presiding duty of his tenure as D.G.P.C.W.

Ill Comp David Evans, Deputy Master, was elected as T.I.M. for the next year, to be inducted on 22nd May 2024.  Ill Comp Neil Watkin was elected as Treasurer, an Office to which he is eminently suited, and in the absence of any other volunteer!

At the very pleasant festive board, Ill Comp Peter Stokes who will succeed Ill Comp Chris Rogers as District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, congratulated Chris on his preferment to the Grand Rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, which will be conferred on 3rd October at the Grand Council Sesquicentenary Meeting.      

Pictured above are:

Ill Comps James Freakley, David Evans, Bob Ballard, Nick Malden (NTM), R Ill Comp David Rawlins,  Comp Neil Harrison and D.G.P.C.W. Chris Rogers.